Church planting is the responsibility of the local church. BRBC does this in several ways: The first is a hands-on approach, picking an area to start a church, sending someone from our church to witness, having Bible studies, looking for a building (meeting place). The second way is to help get other churches involved by having a monthly meeting; which involves one message, door knocking, and soul winning to get prospects for a new church or small struggling one. Both ways involve a good time of fellowship in getting the Gospel out.
If you would like to host a meeting to help start a work or get help in your work, please call Buckley Road Baptist Church at 315-457-0570. Call ahead of time because we schedule meetings well in advance so a letter and directions can be sent out to other churches. The meetings are open to your church members not just pastors; the more that go, the more prospects we get for the work or church.
People get saved, prospects are found, seed is sown, churches are started, pastors are encouraged, members see ministry work first hand, all are edified, and Jesus is glorified.

A link to Coeba - (Conference on Evangelizing Black America)

We have been able to start 8 churches over the years.
1.  Grace Baptist - Valley Dr. in Syracuse, NY - Pastor Conroy Lewis
2.  Armour of Light Baptist Church - Merdian, NY - Pastor Greg Settle
3.  Fellowship Baptist Church - Colosse, NY - Pastor Joe Mann
4.  Immanuel Baptist Church - Syracuse, NY - Pastor Vince Williams
5.  West Branch Baptist - Deposit, NY - Pastor Steven Logue
6.  Victory Baptist - Vail, Arizona - Pastor Ryan Lasater
7.  Lighthouse Baptist Church - Vestal, NY - Pastor Matt Smith
8. Blessed Hope Baptist - Gloversville, NY - Pastor Dennis Rein